Personal Training and Restorative Pilates

You want to be fit. You want to feel great. You want to be pain free. This can describe you with a well designed functional fitness program that precisely matches your body.
It goes without saying every body is a little different. Virtually everyone has some form of muscular/skeletal misalignment. These dysfunctions affect all movement as well as every fitness goal. Our approach is to identify misalignment and develop an exercise program to gently correct it via muscular development. Based on the simple principle that “muscle moves bone” our custom exercise plans will help you get aligned and get strong!

Restorative Pilates and Personal Training  $95

3 Sessions $270
5 Sessions $425
10 Sessions $850
NEW! 15 Sessions $1200, Save $300


Work out with a partner!  $50

5 Duet Sessions $225
10 Duet Sessions $425

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