Functional Fitness

Over 30 years of fitness experience has taught Lisa to create the most well rounded therapies available. At ProMotion Fitness the approach focuses on building whole body strength while developing correct posture alignment.
Corrective Exercise Therapy
Therapy focusing on correcting the cause, not the compensation. Specific Posture Exercises taught to correct dysfunction.
Personal Training and Restorative Pilates
You want to be fit. You want to feel great. You want to be pain free. This can describe you with a well designed functional fitness program that precisely matches your body.
Align & Strengthen Classes
Classes combine Restorative Pilates, Yoga, Posture Alignment developing your body to its greatest potential. Schedule now!
2917 De la Vina Street, Suite C Santa Barbara, CA 93105
E-mail: Phone: (805) 453-1668

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